Samsung Galaxy: Adding a proxy

I have a (new) smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S that has a really nice 4 inches (10.16 cm) AMOLED screen among other niceties. :-)

It come with the 2.1 Éclair Android systems. In the last couple of weeks I have been in DCU (Dublin City University) that has (a weird security setup and) a network that requires an explicit proxy. In order to use the Wifi there I had to set up the said proxy.

The problem as I found out later is that the standard Android versions does not come with a way to configure a proxy. Taking a look to Xana's HTC Wildfire I see that HTC Sense does not have that option either.

That issue is reported in Android bugs list, with lots of ired and angry users letting their opinions being known about the fact (some of the posters are really harsh about the missing feature).

The purpose of this post is to report that it is possible to add a http proxy for Galaxy. It is not obvious at first (or second, third and so on) sight. We need to go to Wifi Network Settings and while there press the context menu (the list button), there are two possible options, Scan and Advanced. The proxy can be set in Advanced, the Advanced mode is also available in the standard Android set but the proxy option is not there.

Unfortunately the proxy does not work with the Android Market application, or with maps, or... so it is not a huge advantage. :-(

Lets hope that this is solved for future versions.