Fedora: an auspicious name

Fedora shop

I have stated several times before that Fedora is strange name in Portuguese. Imagine my surprise when walking in Lisbon at "Rua Aurea" I got the following view. "Bijuterias" the name after Fedora means costume jewelry.

For what is worth this post has been delayed one year since the last time I was there I only had my mobile phone camera (not terribly accurate). Now with a real camera the result is worth to show. Equally interesting is that "Rua Áurea" can be translated as "Golden Street". The street that follows it is "Rua do Ouro", Gold Street.

The streets at that area of Lisbon were rebuilt after the1755 major earthquake, and the resulting tsunami that followed it, that totally destroyed that area. The streets at that area were named after the particular trade practiced there (a common practice in medieval Europe).

A posteriori (as opposed to "a priori") the relevance of this poster can be attributed to the next release of Fedora. Fedora 14 release will happen (we hope) next Tuesday, 2nd of November the day next  to the anniversary of Lisbon earthquake. Let us hope for this to be a (benign) earthquake in OS landscape.