brief description


Brief description


            CEMPRE has been created in 1993, and is institutionally hosted by the Faculdade de Economia do Porto (FEP), Universidade do Porto. Funding has been provided by the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). Its main aims, established since 1993, are the following:

- To foster theoretical and applied research in economic growth and business cycles, market modeling, and time series analysis applied to economics;

- To apply forecasting methods to the Portuguese economy and to an international context;

- To create and maintain data bases for economic analysis and forecasting;

- To promote work contributing to the academic progress of researchers involved, particularly younger ones;

- To support the organization of scientific meetings and the publication of academic research;

- To support the organization of post-graduation activities;

- To support consultancy services of researchers;

- To collaborate with other researchers and research units, both nationally and internationally.

            The main orientation of CEMPRE’s research policy has been to support, jointly with FEP, ongoing research by its members. Research has been published nationally and internationally in the fields of business cycles, time series analysis, growth and long term convergence, financial systems and financial markets, national and international location of investment, and history of economic thought. Researchers at CEMPRE have been developing relatively small research projects, either individually or in collaboration with other researchers, national and foreign.

            CEMPRE supports the presentation and publication of research results of its members, in scientific meetings, books and academic journals. The organization of scientific meetings by the members of the centre is supported as well.

            CEMPRE participates actively in the post-graduation programs at FEP, either through its members or institutionally, by promoting and supporting seminars and lectures by visiting professors. The members of CEMPRE are responsible for many masters and doctoral courses in Economics, and some are coordinators of those programs. They also have a large share in the supervision of academic dissertations.

            CEMPRE supports teaching and research assistants hired by FEP who are pursuing masters and doctoral degrees in Portugal or abroad, and whose supervision is shared by members of CEMPRE. Such support takes the form of financial assistance for bibliography and traveling to scientific meetings considered relevant for their research.





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