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CEF.UP and NIPE Workshop LEED 2011

"Economic analysis using linked employer and employee data: bringing together theory and empirics"

16-17 June

Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal

CEF.UP (U. Porto) and NIPE (U. Minho) are jointly organizing a Workshop on recent research developments based on LEED (linked employer-employee data). We aim to promote the interaction of researchers within this community by creating a forum for the discussion of applied and theoretical contributions in economics and the role of LEED in opening new research paths.

This event celebrates the decision to make the Portuguese LEED, Quadros de Pessoal, fully accessible to the academic community. Quadros de Pessoal is internationally renowned as one of the richest data sets on product and labour markets, with detailed and comprehensive information on workers and firms.


Invited Lectures

John M. Abowd, Cornell University

"Network Models of Endogenous Mobility"

Francis Kramarz, CREST-INSEE

"Trade and the Labor Market"

Jean-Marc Robin, Sciences Po and UCL

"A Tractable Equilibrium Search Model of Individual Wage Dynamics with Experience Accumulation"

Local Organizers

Anabela Carneiro, Universidade do Porto and CEF.UP

Josť Varej„o, Universidade do Porto, CEF.UP, and IZA Bonn

Jo„o Cerejeira, Universidade do Minho and NIPE

Miguel Portela, Universidade do Minho, NIPE, and IZA Bonn

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