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Quadros de Pessoal

According to a Protocol established between the Statistical Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity (GEP-MTSS) and the Faculty of Economics at the University of Porto (FEP), eligible researchers may have access to the Quadros de Pessoal (Personnel Records) data set within the facilities of FEP and under specific rules of micro-data confidentiality protection.

The following people qualify for such access: (i) members of FEP (including faculty, researchers and students enrolled in any of FEPís graduate Programs) and (ii) researchers affiliated to other teaching institutions.


For further information on the regulations ruling the access to Quadros de Pessoal you may download the Instructions Guide (in Portuguese only) or contact: Anabela Carneiro

Telephone number: 351 22 557 11 00 (ext. 553)