The goal of the Workshop and Advanced School is to bring together leading researchers in the numerical solution of eigenvalue problems to survey the state-of-the-art methods and computational tools to solve large eigenvalue problems.

It aims to encourage the interchange of new ideas, to create a suitable environment for the participants to get acquainted and involved in today's computational mathematics, in particular research and applications that involve eigenproblems and spectral analysis.

Specific objectives are

(i) to survey and present recent developments in both theoretical and computational aspects of matrix eigenvalue problems,

(ii) to report on important practical applications and on challenging problems using high performance computing and

(iii) to foster new collaborations between the participants.

This event comes as a follow up of successful events, such as the Advanced Summer School on Recent Development on Large Scale Scientific Computing (a CIM event organized in 2001)  and six Workshops on ACTS - Advanced CompuTational Software Collection (organized by DOE/LBNL). It will include a range of tutorials on methods and tools for the solution of eigenvalue problems and hands-on practices using the high performing clusters from the new Grid Computing infrastructure available at the University of Porto.


The target attendees are researchers and post-graduate students on Mathematics, Biomathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Computational Economics and Finance, and other branches of Social Sciences. The course in the Advanced School will interest also graduate students and computational scientists whose research require the use of robust numerical algorithms, novel techniques, large amounts of eigenvalue calculations, or combinations of these.