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Articles in Journals

  • 'A Hysteresis Model-Based Indicator for Employment Adjustment Rigidity' (with Paulo Mota and Paulo Vasconcelos; Empirica; forthcoming.    

  •      'Labour Demand Research: Towards a Better Match Between Better Theory and Better Data' (with John T. Addison and Pedro Portugal); Labour Economics, 30: 4-11; 2014.

  •       'Catastrophic Job Destruction' (with Anabela Carneiro and Pedro Portugal), Journal of Macroeconomics, 39 (Part B): 444-457 (2014).

  •       'Hysteresis in the Dynamics of Employment' (with Paulo Mota and Paulo Vasconcelos), Metroeconomica, 63(4): 661-692 (2012).

  •       'Immigrants at New Destinations: How They Fare and Why' (with Anabela Carneiro and Natércia Fortuna), Journal of Population Economics, vol. 25: 1165-1185 (2012).

  •       'The Timing of Labor Demand' (with Ana Rute Cardoso and Daniel S. Hamermesh), Annales d'Économie et Statistique, 105-106: 15-34 (2012).

  •       'Are Older Workers Worthy of Their Pay: An Empirical Investigation of Worker-Productivity and Worker-Age Nexuses' (with Ana Rute Cardoso and Paulo Guimarães), De Economist, vol. 159: 95-111 (2011).

  •       'Employment Dynamics and the Structure of Labor Adjustment Costs’ (with Pedro Portugal), Journal of Labor Economics, 25: 137-165 (2007).

  •       'Employment, Pay and Discrimination in the Tourism Industry’ (with Luís Delfim Santos), Tourism Economics, 12: 225-240 (2007).

  •             ‘Job and Worker Flows in High Adjustment Cost Settings’, Portuguese Economic Journal, 2: 37-51 (2003).


Chapters in Books

  •      ‘Operating Hours, Working Time and Employment in Portugal’ (with Alberto Castro), in Contributions to Economics: Operating Hours and Working Times, Lei Delsen,  Derek Bosworth, Hermann Gross and Rafael Bustillo (eds.). Springer Verlag (2006).

  •             ‘Matching Workers to Jobs in the Fast Lane: The Operation of Fixed-term Contracts’ (with Pedro Portugal), in R. Gómez-Salvador, Ana Lamo, Barbara Petrongolo, Melanie Ward and Etienne Wasmer (eds.), Labour Supply and Incentives to Work in Europe, Celtenham: Edward Elgar (2006).

  •           ‘Why is Part-time Work So Low in Portugal and Spain?’ (with Margarida Ruivo and Pilar González), in “Part-time Prospects”, Jacqueline O’ Reilly e Colette Fagan (eds.), Routledge, Londres (1998).





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