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  • PhD in Economics (Doutoramento), University of Porto, 2001; ‘Three Essays in Labor Demand’.

  • M.A. in Economics (Mestrado), University of Porto, 1994.

  • B.A. in Economics (Licenciatura), University of Porto, 1985.


  • Associate Professor (‘professor associado’), Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, since August 2007.

  • Assistant Professor (‘professor auxiliar’), Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, June 2001-August2007.



 Articles in Journals

  •     A Hysteresis Model-Based Indicator for Employment Adjustment Rigidity (with Paulo Mota and Paulo Vasconcelos); Empirica; forthcoming.

  •     Labour Demand Research: Towards a Better Match Between Better Theory and Better Data (with John T. Addison and Pedro Portugal); Labour Economics, 30: 4-11; 2014.

  •     Hysteresis in the Dynamics of Employment (with Paulo Mota and Paulo Vasconcelos), Metroeconomica, 63(4): 661-692 (2012).

  •     Immigrants at New Destinations: How They Fare and Why (with Anabela Carneiro and Natércia Fortuna), Journal of Population Economics, 25: 1165-1185 (2012).

  •       The Timing of Labor Demand (with Ana Rute Cardoso and Daniel S. Hamermesh), Annales d'Économie et Statistique, 105-106: 15-34 (2012).

  • Are Older Workers Worthy of Their Pay: An Empirical Investigation of Worker-Productivity and Worker-Age Nexuses (with Ana Rute Cardoso and Paulo Guimarães), De Economist, vol. 159: 95-111 (2011).

  • ‘Employment Dynamics and the Structure of Labor Adjustment Costs’ (with Pedro Portugal), Journal of Labor Economics, 25: 137-165 (2007).

  • ‘Employment, Pay and Discrimination in the Tourism Industry’ (with Luís Delfim Santos), Tourism Economics, 12: 225-240 (2007).

  • ‘Job and Worker Flows in High Adjustment Cost Settings’, Portuguese Economic Journal, 2: 37-51 (2003).

Chapters in Books

  • ‘Operating Hours, Working Time and Employment in Portugal’ (with Alberto Castro), in Contributions to Economics: Operating Hours and Working Times, Lei Delsen,  Derek Bosworth, Hermann Gross e Rafael Bustillo (ed.). Springer Verlag (2006).

  • ‘Matching Workers to Jobs in the Fast Lane: The Operation of Fixed-term Contracts’ (with Pedro Portugal), in R. Gómez-Salvador, Ana Lamo, Barbara Petrongolo, Melanie Ward e Etienne Wasmer (eds.), Labour Supply and Incentives to Work in Europe, Celtenham: Edward Elgar (2006).

  • ‘Why is Part-time Work So Low in Portugal and Spain?’ (with Margarida Ruivo and Pilar González), in “Part-time Prospects”, Jacqueline O’ Reilly e Colette Fagan (eds.), Routledge, Londres (1998)


Working Papers

  • ‘The Timing of Labor Demand’ (with Ana R. Cardoso and Daniel S. Hamermesh), NBER Working Paper No. 14566 (also available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 3885 and UFAE and IAE Working Papers 759.08).

  • ’Spatial and Temporal Aggregation in the Estimation of Labor Demand Functions’ (with Pedro Portugal), IZA Discussion Paper No. 2701 (also available as Banco de Portugal WP 4-2007).

  • ‘Why do Firms Use Fixed-Term Contracts?’ (with Pedro Portugal) Banco de Portugal WP 2003-8 (also available as CETE DP0310)


Other Activities Related to Research

  • Referee for Portuguese Economic Journal, Labour Economics, Research in Labor Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics and Journal of Macroeconomics.

  • Coordinator of the project ‘Immigration and Labour Market Inequality’ (FCT Research Grant PIQS/ECO/50044/2003).



  • Presentations at the following meetings of the European Association of Labour Economists: Paris 2002, Lisbon 2004, San Francisco 2005, Prague 2006, Oslo 2007, Tallinn 2009.

  • Presentations at the following meetings of the European Economic Association: Lausanne 2001.

  • Presentations at the following meetings of the Comparative Analysis of Enterprise (Micro) Data Group: Arhus 2001, London 2003, Chicago 2006.


Teaching and Related Activities

  • PhD and M.A. levels: Labour Economics (UP 2002/03, 2003/04, 2004/05 and 2005/06) and Economics of Personnel (UP 2006/07 and 2007/08).

  • B.A. level: Labor Economics, Public Finance, Econometrics and Portuguese Economy.

  • Advisor: Paulo Mota (UP, PhD, Nov. 2008), Fernando Pereira (UP, M.A., July 2011), João Pedro Ribeiro (UP, M.A., Dec. 2010), Thiago Leitão (UP, M.A., Nov 2008), Marta Ribeiro, (UCP, M.A., May 2004), António Silva (UP, M.A., March 2004).




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