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Recent Developments in Large Scale Scientific Computing




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Lectures and Lecturers




Iterative methods for large linear systems: from the theory to the computer I & II, J-M. Chesneaux

Enhancing performance, measurement tools, and the numerical libraries, J. Dongarra

High performance computing and trends and the computational grid, J. Dongarra

Introduction to sparsity and sparse direct methods, I. Duff

Multifrontal methods and their parallel implementation, I. Duff

Algorithms for the solution of large scale eigenvalue problems, O. Marques

A beginner's guide to parallel computation, F. Moura

Solving the Poisson equation on a cluster of machines using message passing, O. Oliveira

Fast and highly accurate computation of the SVD and related problems, R. Ralha

Application Lectures


Iterative refinement schemes for two families of numerical approximations of the radiative transfer equation, M. Ahues

Large scale second order optimization, A. Azevedo

Design and implementation of interior-point algorithms for the solution of structured optimization problems, J. Júdice

A physical model for the internal structure of the Earth, O. Marques

Large linear systems in lattice QCD, O. Oliveira

Solution by nonstationary iterative methods of linear systems arising from CFD, J. Palma


Time Table


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