Workshop on Numerical Analysis
On the occasion of Filomena dias d’almeida’s 60th



July 6th, 2015

15pm – 19pm


FCUP, dep. Matemática

Room FC1030


Maria João Rodrigues ·--· Paulo B. Vasconcelos





balmohan limaye

Reliability of computations involving a basis

Mário ahues

From linear to nonlinear: 35 years of friendliness

laurence  grammont

Nonlinear problem in Saint-Etienne, Vienne and Porto

Maria João rodrigues

The F cloud

Ana cristina matos

30 years of collaboration and friendship

Isabel Vieira

Eigenvalue refinement for integral operators

Paulo B. Vasconcelos

A sparse overview of a dense collaboration

Rosário Fernandes

An integral collaboration

Manuel cruz

Perturbed fixed slope iteration

sandra aires

Quadratic eigenvalue problem

isabel pinto

Page Rank acceleration

Rekha Kulkarni

A note on excellence