Pedro Nuno de Freitas Lopes Teixeira

Faculdade de Economia do Porto, Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200 Porto, Portugal

Phone:  +351 – 22 557 12 44; Fax: + 351 – 22 550 50 50

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 PhD in Economics; School of Business and Economics, University of Exeter (UK); June 2003

Master of Arts in Higher Education (Economics of Education); Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) – Graduate School of the University of Twente (Netherlands); November 1998

BA, Economics; Department of Economics, University of Porto; July 1995


Professional Experience

    University of Porto, Department of Economics – (since Dec. 1994) - Assistant Professor (since July 2003)

   University of Exeter, School of Business and Economics - Tutor - Oct. 2000/June 2003

    Portuguese Catholic University, Department of Philosophy - Visiting Lecturer in History of Economic Thought, 1997 - 1999


Other Professional Activities

    CEMPRE – Research Centre on Macroeconomics and Forecasting, Dep. Economics, U. of Porto - Research Associate (since 2001)

   CIPES - Research Centre on Higher Education Policy, Foundation of Portuguese Universities, Research Associate (since 1998)

   PROPHE – Program of Research on Private Higher Education, Associate Researcher, since July 2003

   PRIME – UE Network of Excellence, Associate Researcher, since March 2004

   IZA – Network of Labour Economists, Associate Fellow, since December 2003


Economics of Education

The Financial Context of Portuguese Higher Education, in Higher Education Policy in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, ed. By Guy Neave, Peter Maassen and Alberto Amaral, Palgrave/MacMillan (forthcoming)

Markets in Higher Education (edited with Alberto Amaral, David Dill, and Ben Jongbloed), Kluwer, Amsterdam (2004)

Is there a Market in Portuguese Higher Education (with Alberto Amaral and Maria João Rosa), in Markets in Higher Education, Kluwer (2004)

Mediating the Economic Pulses: International Institutions and Portuguese Higher Education (with Alberto Amaral and Maria Joao Rosa), Higher Education Quarterly, Special Issue on Markets and Higher Education edited by Pedro Teixeira (2003)

Forthcoming Financial Needs of Portuguese Public Universities (with Alberto Amaral), CIPES, Porto, 2002

Higher Education and the Economy, TSER/HEINE National Report (co-ordinated by Alberto Amaral), CIPES, Porto, 2002

Private Higher Education and Diversity: An Exploratory Survey, (with Alberto Amaral), Higher Education Quarterly, Vol. 55, No. 4, 2002

The Rise and Fall of Portuguese Private Higher Education System, with Alberto Amaral, Higher Education Policy (September 2000)

Program Diversity in Higher Education: An Economic Perspective, with David Dill, Higher Education Policy (March 2000)

History of Economic Thought

Graphical Representation and Personal Income Distribution, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, under revision

Bringing Light to the Dismal Science, with António Almodovar, History of Market Representations, forthcoming

An Interview with Jacob Mincer, in Essays in Honour of Jacob Mincer ed. By James Heckman and Shoshana Grossbard-Schechtman, Kluwer (forthcoming)

Bio-bibliographical entries on T. W Schultz and Gary Becker, and Reading Guide of “Human Capital”, in Elgar Companion on Chicago Economics, ed. By Ross Emmett, Edward Elgar (forthcoming)

The Economics of Education of Rodrigues de Freitas (in Portuguese), in Essays in Honour of Prof. Manuel Baganha, Portuguese Catholic University Press (forthcoming)

How are we to become like them? Political Economy as a Political Agenda in Portuguese Early Nineteenth Century (with Antonio Almodovar), in “Economic Thought and Policy in Europe”, Ed. By Michallis Psalidopoulos and Maria Eugénia Mata, Routledge, 2001

The Economics of Education: an exploratory portrait, History of Political Economy, Annual Supplement, Duke University Press, 2001

Self-interest and Industry in the early Portuguese Liberal period (1820-1840), in Economic Theory and Transition, Ed. by Charles Clark  and Janina Rosicka, Ashgate, 2001

Marshall’s Industrial Districts and the Advantages of Closeness – Working Papers – Faculty of Economics of Porto, 1998



Research projects

   AQUAMETHPSR – Advanced Quantitative Methods for the Evaluation of the Performance of Public Sector Research; PRIME Network of Excellence; May 2004 – December 2005

    An Observatory of European Universities, A Pilot Study; PRIME Network of Excellence; May 2004 – December 2005

    Jacob Mincer: the Human Capital Labour Economist, IZA, Bonn, November 2003 -  March 2005

    A Comparative European Analysis of Higher Education Policies and the strengthening of links with the Economic Environment, co-ordinated by Peter Maassen and Asa Gornitzka; 1997 – 1999: TSER/ HEINE (EU)

    Comparative Analysis of Higher Education Systems and Policies in Europe and Latin America, Alpha-Bracara (EU); co-ordinated by Peter Maassen, Alberto Amaral, and Guy Neave; 1996 - 1999

    Prospective Study on students’ enrolment and funding needs 2000-2005; Portuguese Council of Rectors (with Alberto Amaral) 1998

    Management Capacity of Higher Education in South Africa and Europe  (EU and NCHE – South Africa); 1995-97