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Other papers:

   Carvajal, Andrés and Joao Correia-da-Silva (2013): "Agreeing to disagree with multiple priors", is a revised version of FEP Working Papers 368.

   Correia-da-Silva, Joao (2013): "Impossibility of market division with two-sided private information about production costs", FEP Working Papers 490.  

   Faria, Gonçalo, Joao Correia-da-Silva and Cláudia Ribeiro (2009): "Dynamic consumption and portfolio choice with ambiguity about stochastic volatility", FEP Working Papers 348.

   Castro, Sofia B.S.D. and Joao Correia-da-Silva (2008): "Past expectations as a determinant of present prices - hysteresis in a simple economy", is a revised version of FEP Working Papers 185.



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