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Recent publications:

Correia-da-Silva, Joao, Bruno Jullien, Yassine Lefouili and Joana Pinho (2019): "Horizontal mergers between multi-sided platforms: Insights from Cournot competition", Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 28 (1), 109-124. [wp version]

Gaspar, José, Sofia B.S.D. Castro and Joao Correia-da-Silva (forthcoming): "The footloose entrepreneur model with a finite number of equidistant regions", International Journal of Economic Theory, 1-27. [wp version]

Gaspar, José, Sofia B.S.D. Castro and Joao Correia-da-Silva (2018): "Agglomeration patterns in a multi-regional economy without income effects", Economic Theory, 66 (4), 863-899. [wp version]

Correia-da-Silva, Joao and Joana Pinho (2018): "Collusion in mixed oligopolies and the coordinated effects of privatization", Journal of Economics, 124 (1), 19-55. [wp version

Ribeiro, Vitor, Joao Correia-da-Silva and Joana Resende (2016): "Nesting vertical and horizontal differentiation in two-sided markets", Bulletin of Economic Research, 68 (S1), 133-145.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao and Joana Pinho (2016): "The profit-sharing rule that maximizes sustainability of cartel agreements", Journal of Dynamics and Games, 3 (2), 143-151.

Faria, Gonçalo and Joao Correia-da-Silva (2016): "Is stochastic volatility relevant for dynamic portfolio choice under ambiguity?", European Journal of Finance, 22 (7), 601-626.   

Correia-da-Silva, Joao, Joana Pinho and Hélder Vasconcelos (2016): "Sustaining collusion in markets with entry driven by balanced growth", Journal of Economics, 118 (1), 1-34.  

Correia-da-Silva, Joao (2015): "Generic non-existence of general equilibrium with EUU preferences under extreme ambiguity", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 61, 185-191.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao (2015): "Two-period economies with price-contingent deliveries", Economic Theory, 59 (3), 509-525.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao, Joana Pinho and Hélder Vasconcelos (2015): "How should cartels react to entry triggered by demand growth?", B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contributions), 15 (1), 209-255.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao and Carlos Hervés-Beloso (2014):  "Irrelevance of private information in two-period economies with more goods than states of nature", Economic Theory, 55 (2), 439-455.

Brandão, António, Joao Correia-da-Silva and Joana Pinho (2014): "Spatial competition between shopping centers", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 50, 234-250.


Work in progress:

Correia-da-Silva, Joao and Takuro Yamashita: Dynamic BCE of infinitely repeated games.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao (2018): "Priority pricing by a durable goods monopolist".

Correia-da-Silva, Joao (2018): "Self-rejecting mechanisms".

Correia-da-Silva, Joao, Isabel Soares and Raquel González (2019): Do dynamic tariffs promote investment in renewables? The case of a non-regulated monopoly.

Gaspar, José, Sofia B.S.D. Castro and Joao Correia-da-Silva (2019): Economic Geography meets Hotelling: a home-sweet-home effect.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao, Filipa Mota and Joana Pinho: Welfare-improving collusion between public and private firms.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao and Joana Pinho: Competition between public and private firms, to appear in new handbook "State-owned Enterprises in the 21st century", Edited by Luc Bernier, Philippe Bance and Massimo Florio, Routledge.

Correia-da-Silva, Joao (2017): "A survey on the theory of collusion under adverse selection in auctions and oligopolies".


Other papers


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