Armadillo 7 and Nikola 7.7.9 now in Fedora 24

A new update is available in Fedora 24 fedora-updates-testing repository. This is a major version change from version 6 to 7 and since this implies an .so (dynamic library) major number bump we had to rebuild all the packages that link with armadillo:

  • mmseq;
  • mlpack;
  • gdal.

I have, not yet, repeated the same procedure on Fedora 23 since armadillo now requires SuperLU >= 5.2 that is not available on Fedora 23.

The main changes since the last stable version () are:

  • added .index_min() and .index_max();
  • expanded ind2sub() to handle vectors of indices;
  • expanded sub2ind() to handle matrix of subscripts;
  • expanded expmat(), logmat() and sqrtmat() to optionally return a bool indicating success;
  • faster handling of compound expressions by vectorise();
  • added erf(), erfc(), lgamma();
  • added .head_slices() and .tail_slices() to subcube views;
  • eigs_sym(), eigs_gen() and svds() now use a built-in reimplementation of ARPACK for real (non-complex) matrices;
  • spsolve() now requires SuperLU 5.2.

In order to write this post I had to update python-nikola to version 7.7.9, again this update is available on fedora-updates-testing.

When this update goes to fedora-updates I will start the process of backporting this package to Fedora 23.

It is nice to note that I had the help of one of the python-nicola main developers so the task was simpler than it would have been otherwise and the final result better as well. Thanks Chris. :-)