FCT Project PTDC/EGE-GES/099741/2008



Evolutionary algorithms for Decision Problems in Management Science


António Gaspar Lopes da Cunha

Carlos Manuel Milheiro de Oliveira Pinto Soares

Dalila Benedita Machado Martins Fontes (coordinator)

Fernando Arménio da Costa Castro e Fontes

Jorge Miguel Silva Valente

Maria do Rosário Mota de Oliveira Alves Moreira

Rui Alberto Ferreira Santos Alves


Management Science (MS) is concerned with developing and applying models and concepts in order to help finding good solutions for managerial problems. The models used are often represented mathematically and usually require computer-based methods to solve them. MS and Operational Research are sometimes used interchangeably. Applications of MS are abundant in industry as airlines, manufacturing companies, service organizations, military branches, financial institutions, and in government. The range of problems and issues to which MS has contributed with insights and solutions is vast. It includes:

• scheduling: airlines planes and crews, personnel, manufacturing operations and machines, project activities, among others;

• location/ layout: deciding the appropriate place to site new facilities such as a warehouse or a factory and also on the best relative position of, e.g., machines in a manufacturing plant;

network and network flows: managing the flow of water, gas, electricity or data from providers, identifying possible future development paths for parts of the telecommunications industry;

finance: deciding when an investment should be made, finding an investment policy, determining a course of action for portfolio optimization;

just to mention a few that the project researchers have been involved with.




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